Workshop on Frontiers in Extreme Relativistic Optics (FIERO 2013)

Registration is free of charge. However, workshop attendance is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please contact the conference organizers.

Frontiers in Extreme Relativistic Optics banner

February 20-21, 2013

High Energy Density Physics Laboratory and Scarlet Laser Facility
Physics Department
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Workshop Co-Chairs: Enam Chowdhury, Kramer Akli

A Workshop on Frontiers In Extreme Relativistic Optics (FIERO) will be held on February 20-21 at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, sponsored by the High Energy Density Research Laboratory and the Scarlet laser facility of the Department of Physics. The workshop is organized to bring research experts in the science of extremely intense laser fields and their interactions with matter from the US and around the world together with representatives of relevant US research funding agencies to create a coherent vision of the current state of Extreme Relativistic Field Physics research, and to help chart a clear pathway to future research thrusts in this area. Representatives from the AFOSR, DOE, NSF, ONR, and DOD/DTRA will be at the workshop to learn of the most recent advances, hear about future facilities, and to understand the future funding requirements.

The workshop will have a series of presentations from spokesmen from research groups around the world summarizing the current state of research, and several lectures from leading experts on research thrusts and opportunities for the future. Experimental, theoretical and computer simulation research will all be considered. These lecture sessions will be conducted to encourage substantial audience participation, and will be video recorded to permit the efficient capture of the consensus of the workshop as to the most scientifically and technologically fruitful directions for the field.  The output of the workshop will be a report to be circulated to all the participants, and to the relevant funding agencies.

Examples of topics included in FIERO are:

  • Extreme Relativistic Plasmas (Hot and Super-hot dense plasmas, electron-proton/ion, electron-positron, etc.)
  • Relativistic Ionization and Electron dynamics (Dirac model, QED effects, vacuum polarization, etc.)
  • GeV - TeV acceleration of particles (protons, electrons, positrons)
  • Radiation from Extreme Relativistic fields, Exotic physics, nuclear physics at extreme relativistic fields (Super high acceleration gradients, Gravitation coupling, radiation damping, Unruh radiation, meson-antimeson creation)

The workshop’s success will depend upon the quality of the presentations by the speakers.  The venue for the meeting has limited seating, so participation is by invitation only. In addition to oral presentations, poster presentations (during all breaks, lunch and during at least one dedicated session) are encouraged.  Information about Reservations for hotel rooms with easy access to the Ohio State campus can be found on the accommodations page.

To obtain an invitation, and to submit a presentation to the workshop, please email Enam Chowdhury and/or Kramer Akli.  The workshop program committee, co-chaired by R.R. Freeman of The Ohio State University and T. Ditmire of the University of Texas - Austin will select the talks and posters. 

Important Dates:

All requests to attend and to present at the workshop will be considered at one time on January 11, 2013.  Hotel bookings must be completed by Jan 18, 2013.