Compressor Area Setup

​SCARLET Laser Compressed from 800 ps to 50 fs

SCARLET Laser Compressed Facility

Take a look as we prepare for temporal pulse compression:

Getting clean

Students Cleaning the Compressor ChamberStudent Cleaning Under the Table in ChamberStudent Cleaning the Inside of the Chamber

Prepping the optic mounts

Prepping an Optic MountRosa Prepping an Optic MountTwo Rectangular Optic Mounts

Rosa Prepping Another Optic MountYani Prepping an Optic MountRosa and Yani Prepping an Optic Mount

Rosa and Yani with the mounts they designed for the SCARLET laser compressor chamber

 Rosa and Yani sitting in front of the Optic mounts created for the Scarlet Laser

Electronics for moving the optic mounts under vacuum

Electronics used to move optic mounts under vaccum (part 1)Electronics used to move optic mounts under vaccum (part 2)Electronics used to move optic mounts under vaccum (part 3)

Cleaning the optics and positioning the mounts

Student Cleaning Optic MountsStudent Mounting Optic Mount

SCARLET Laser team giving the thumbs up!

The laser team is responsible for aligning the compressor to less than 100 fs for the First Light event.

We achieved ~ 50 fs.