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Graduate Theses

Joseph Snyder

Leveraging microscience to manipulate laser-plasma interactions at relativistic intensities

Chris Willis

Studies of ion acceleration from thin solid-density targets on high-intensity lasers

Kevin George

Modifying the target normal sheath accelerated ion spectrum using micro-structured targets

Ginevra Cochran

New computational and experimental approaches for studying ion acceleration and the intense laser-plasma interaction

Frank King

Simulations of high-intensity short-pulse lasers incident on reduced mass targets

Scott Feister

Efficient acceleration of electrons by an intense laser and its reflection

Robert Mitchell

Understanding femtosecond-pulse laser damage through fundamental physics simulations



Sheng Jiang

Laser driven electron and X-ray sources based on micro-structured targets

Patrick Poole

Liquid crystals as high repetition rate targets for ultra intense laser systems

Elijah Kemp

Specular reflectivity and hot-electron generation in high-contrast relativistic laser-plasma interations

Andrew Krygier

On the origin of super-hot electrons in intense laser-plasma interactions

John Morrison

Selective deuteron acceleration using target normal sheath acceleration

Vladimir Ovchinnikov

Determining the properties of laser induced fast electrons from experiments and simulations

Anthony Link

Specular reflectivity and suprathermal electron measurements from relativistic laser plasma interactions

Dustin Offerman

The effect of erbium hydride on the conversion efficiency to accelerated protons from ultra-short pulse laser irradiated foils