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2016 - 2020


Background pressure effects on MeV protons accelerated via relativistically intense laser-plasma interactions

Snyder, J., Morrison, J., Feister, S. et al.Background pressure effects on MeV protons accelerated via relativistically intense laser-plasma interactions. Sci Rep 10, 18245 (2020). 

Optimizing laser–plasma interactions for ion acceleration using particle-in-cell simulations and evolutionary algorithms
Joseph R Smith, Chris Orban, John T Morrison, Kevin M George, Gregory K Ngirmang, Enam A Chowdhury, and W Mel Roquemore, New J. Phys. 22 103067 (2020)

A compact, high resolution energy, and emittance diagnostic for electron beams using active plasma lenses 
S. K. Barber, J. H. Bin, A. J. Gonsalves, F. Isono, J. van Tilborg, S. Steinke, K. Nakamura, A. Zingale, N. A. Czapla, D. Schumacher, C. B. Schroeder, C. G. R. Geddes, W. P. Leemas, and E. Esarey, Appl. Phys. Lett. 116, 234108 (2020)

Evidence of radial Weibel instability in relativistic intensity laser-plasma interactions inside a sub-micron thick liquid target 
Gregory K. Ngirmang, John T. Morrison, Kevin M. George, Joseph R. Smith, Kyle D. Frische, Chris Orban, Enam A. Chowdhury & W. Mel Roquemore, Scientific Reports, 10, 9872 (2020)


"Particle-in-cell simulations of density peak formation and ion heating from short pulse laser-driven ponderomotive steepening" 
J. R. Smith, C. Orban, G. K. Ngirmang, J. T. Morrison, K. M. George, E. A. Chowdhury, and W. M. Roquemore, Physics of Plasmas 26, 123103 (2019)

“Systematic Study of L-Shell Opacity at Solar Interior Temperatures”
T. Nagayama, J. E. Bailey, G. P. Loisel, G. S. Dunham, G. A. Rochau, C. Blancard, J. Colgan, Ph. Cossé, G. Faussurier, C. J. Fontes, F. Gilleron, S. B. Hansen, C. A. Iglesias, I. E. Golovkin, D. P. Kilcrease, J. J. MacFarlane, R. C. Mancini, R. M. More, C. Orban, J.-C. Pain, M. E. Sherrill, and B. G. Wilson, Physical Review Letters, 122, 23, 235001 (2019)

“High repetition rate targets and optics from liquid microjets for the study and application of high intensity laser-plasma interactions”
K. M. George, J. T. Morrison, S. Feister, G. Ngirmang, J. R. H. Smith, A. Klim, J. Snyder, D. Austin, W. Erbsen, K. D. Frische, J. Nees, C. Orban, E. A. Chowdhury, and W. M. Roquemore, High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 7, e50 (2019)

"Modeling pulse-cleaning plasma mirrors from dielectric response to saturation: A particle-in-cell approach"
Ginevra E. Cochran, Patrick L. Poole, Douglass W. Schumacher, Physics of Plasmas 26, 103103 (2019)

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"MeV proton acceleration at kHz repetition rate from ultra-intense laser liquid interaction"
John T. Morrison, Scott Feister, Kyle D. Frische, Drake R. Austin, Gregory K. Ngirmang, Neil R. Murphy, Chris Orban, Enam A. Chowdhury, and W. M. Roquemore, New J. Phys. 20 022001 (2018)

"Laser-driven ion acceleration via TNSA in the relativistic transparency regime"
Patrick Poole, Lieselotte Obst, Ginevra Cochran, Josefine Metzkes, Hans-Peter Schlenvoigt, Irene Prencipe, Thomas Kluge, Thomas E Cowan, Ulrich Schramm, Douglass Schumacher, and Karl Zeil, New J. Phys. 20 013019 (2018)

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"Particle-in-cell simulations of electron acceleration from relativistic interaction of mid-infrared laser interactions with near solid density matter"
Gregory K. Ngirmang, Chris Orban, Scott Feister, John T. Morrison, Enam A. Chowdhury, and W. M. Roquemore, Physics of Plasmas 24, 103112 (2017)

"Extending the Binary Collision Algorithm to Non-Spitzer Systems and Application to Laser Heating and Damage"
A.M. Russell and D.W. Schumacher, Physics of Plasmas 24, 080702 (2017)

"Targets for high repetition rate laser facilities: needs, challenges and perspectives"
I. Prencipe, J. Fuchs, S. Pascarelli, D. W. Schumacher, R. B. Stephens, N. B. Alexander, R. Briggs, M. B¨uscher, M. O. Cernaianu, A. Choukourov, M. De Marco, A. Erbe, J. Fassbender, G. Fiquet, P. Fitzsimmons, C. Gheorghiu, J. Hund, L. G. Huang, M. Harmand, N. J. Hartley, A. Irman, T. Kluge, Z. Konopkova, S. Kraft, D. Kraus, V. Leca, D. Margarone, J. Metzkes, K. Nagai, W. Nazarov, P. Lutoslawski, D. Papp, M. Passoni, A. Pelka, J. P. Perin, J. Schulz, M. Smid, C. Spindloe, S. Steinke, R. Torchio, C. Vass, T. Wiste, R. Zaffino, K. Zeil, T. Tschentscher, U. Schramm, and T. E. Cowan, High Power Laser Science and Engineering 5, e17 (2017)

"Relativistic electron acceleration by mJ-class kHz lasers normally incident on liquid targets"
Scott Feister, Drake R. Austin, John T. Morrison, Kyle D. Frische, Chris Orban, Gregory Ngirmang, Abraham Handler, Joseph R. H. Smith, Mark Schillaci, Jay A. LaVerne, Enam A. Chowdhury, R. R. Freeman, and W. M. Roquemore, Opt. Express 25, 18736-18750 (2017)

"Liquid Crystal Targets and Plasma Mirrors For Laser Based Ion Acceleration"
D.W. Schumacher, P.L. Poole, C. Willis, G.E. Cochran, R. Daskalova, J. Purcell and R. Heery, Journal of Instrumentation 12, 1748 (2017)

"Fourth-harmonic generation via nonlinear diffraction in a 2D LiNbO3 nonlinear photonic crystal from mid-IR ultrashort pulses"
Boqin Ma, Kyle Kafka, and Enam Chowdhury, Chinese Optics Letters Vol. 15, Issue 5, pp. 051901- (2017)

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"Determination of ultra-short laser induced damage threshold of KH2PO4 crystal: Numerical calculation and experimental verification"
Jian Cheng, Mingjun Chen, Kyle Kafka, Drake Austin, Jinghe Wang, Yong Xiao, and Enam Chowdhury, AIP Advances 6, 035221 (2016)

"Enhancement of laser intensity and proton acceleration using micro-tube plasma lens targets"
J. Snyder, L. L. Ji, and K. U. Akli, Physics of Plasmas 23, 123122 (2016)

"Towards manipulating relativistic laser pulses with micro-tube plasma lenses"
L. L. Ji, J. Snyder, A. Pukhov, R. R. Freeman & K. U. Akli, Scientific Reports, 6, 23256 (2016)

"Few-cycle pulse laser induced damage threshold determination of ultra-broadband optics"
Kyle R. P. Kafka, Noah Talisa, Gabriel Tempea, Drake R. Austin, Catalin Neacsu and Enam A. Chowdhury, Optics Express 24, 28858 (2016)

"High spatial frequency laser induced periodic surface structure formation in germanium by mid-IR femtosecond pulses"
Drake. R. Austin, Kyle R.P. Kafka, Yu Hang Lai, Zhou Wang, Kaikai Zhang, Hui Li, Cosmin I. Blaga, Allen Y. Yi, Louis F. DiMauro, Enam A. Chowdhury, Journal of Applied Physics, 120, 143103 (2016)

"3D PIC simulations of electron beams created via reflection of intense laser light from a water target"
Ngirmang, G. K., Orban, C., Feister, S., Morrison, J. T., Chowdhury, E. A., Frische, K. D., Roquemore, W. M., Phys. Plasmas, 23, 043111 (2016)

"Moderate repetition rate ultra-intense laser targets and optics using variable thickness liquid crystal films"
P. L. Poole, C. Willis, G. E. Cochran, R. T. Hanna, C. D. Andereck, and D. W. Schumacher, Applied Physics Letters 109, 151109 (2016)

"Experiment and simulation of novel liquid crystal plasma mirrors for high contrast, intense laser pulses"
P. L. Poole, A. Krygier, G. E. Cochran, P. S. Foster, G. G. Scott, L. A. Wilson, J. Bailey, N. Bourgeois, C. Hernandez-Gomez, D. Neely, P. P. Rajeev, R. R. Freeman, and D. W. Schumacher, Scientific Reports 6, 32041 (2016)

"Experimental capabilities of 0.4 petawatt, 1 shot/min Scarlet laser facility for high energy density science"
P. L. Poole, C. Willis, R. L. Daskalova, K. M. George, S. Feister, S. Jiang, J. Snyder, J. Marketon, D. W. Schumacher, K. U. Akli, L. Van Woerkom, R. R. Freeman, And E. A. Chowdhury, Applied Optics 55, 4713 (2016)

"Micro-engineering laser plasma interactions at relativistic intensities"
S. Jiang, L. L. Ji, H. Audesirk, K. M. George, J. Snyder, A. Krygier, P. Poole, C. Willis, R. Daskalova, E. Chowdhury, N. S. Lewis, D. W. Schumacher, A. Pukhov, R. R. Freeman, and K. U. Akli, Physical Review Letters 116, 085002 (2016)