State of the Art Laboratory Space

The High Energy Density Physics research group is located in the new Physics Research Building. The space includes a 1,200 sq. ft laser bay, housing the majority of the Scarlet laser, a 1,200 sq. ft target area and 1,800 sq. ft. of additional experimental lab space. To limit the amount of particulate matter that could potentially damage optical components, the laser bay operates under class 1000 clean room conditions. 


Green light inside the laser chain


After the final amplifier in the laser bay the laser is directed, under vacuum, into the target area where it is compressed inside a 10.5’ long, 6’ diameter cylindrical vacuum chamber necessary to contain the large compression gratings and multiple laser diagnostics.  The compressed pulse is then sent to the final focusing optic inside a 35-port 3’ 7” diameter by 3’ 6” tall target chamber.  This chamber will be fitted with a number of experimental diagnostic devices