Laser Training

The PI/LSO shall insure that all employees assigned to service, maintain, install, adjust, and operate laser equipment be appropriately qualified and trained. The training program should be designed appropriate to the Class of laser radiation accessible during the required task(s) of the personnel. Laser area supervisors shall maintain the names of all persons trained and date of training and inform the LSO of training completions and requirements.

Class I Training

Class I training can be limited, in general, to information contained in the operation/maintenance manuals of the laser Manufacturer. No additional operator training is necessary provided the Class I status is maintained.

Class II, Class IIA and Class IIIA Training

Class II, Class IIA and Class IIIA training can include information contained in the operation/maintenance manuals of the laser Manufacturer and, where appropriate, additional basic safety guide literature of a general topic nature. Short, concise audio-visual programs can also enhance understanding of hazards in some use scenarios especially where Class II, Class IIA or Class IIIA laser systems are subject to frequent operator changes.

Class IIIB AND Class IV Training

Class IIIB and Class IV training is recommended for those working with Class IIIB and Class IV lasers, including operators, maintenance personnel, service persons as well as those on the technical support staff, technicians, etc. The training should provide a complete understanding of the requirements of a safe laser environment and include discussion of the hazards, safety devices required, procedures related to operating the equipment, warning sign requirements and description of medical surveillance practices. Emphasis should be placed on practical, safe laser techniques and procedures as well as safety devices that provide an overall safe environment.