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HEDP Group Wiki Site

As a flexible means of communicating and organizing the group's 30-odd members, a Wiki page has been developed. The idea of a wiki is, of course, something that everyone can edit and improve and add new pages to, and in a group this large over-communication is the best way to combat under-communication.

The physics department computing services have provided the "TWiki" framework for the site and as of Fall 2011 the content is still dominated by the theory/modeling part of the HEDP group. (Experimentalists are welcome to add as much content as they want!) There are also pages relevant to conferences and poster printing, etc. Be sure to register for the Wiki.

You will be sent an e-mail with a number that you must enter into a web browser for this to work. If this succeeds, this will give you a TWiki physics account, but you will still need to e-mail Chris Orban ( to be added to our Wiki group so you can see restricted access content and edit and post to the pages. It may not be apparent that this is what is preventing you from doing any kind of editing if you try it without letting Chris Orban know that you've successfully registered on TWiki.

Note that there are some bugs in loading attachements to the Wiki site if you run into difficulty, see our workaround.

Finally, although there are some security features on the Wiki, do not assume that this is a safe place to post export-restricted codes or files. Department computers are routinely hacked and the tech support staff advise us not to do this.