Derek Nasir wins honorable mention for Best Poster at OLUG

June 7, 2017
Derek Nasir

The annual OMEGA Laser Users' Group (OLUG) Workshop at LLE hosts a poster competition during the meeting. Derek Nasir won Honorable Mention in the Graduate Student category for Best Poster Award.

Enhanced Laser-Plasma Interaction with Micro-Structured Targets
Authors: Derek Nasir, J. Snyder, L.L. Ji, K. M. George, C. Willis, G. Cochran, A. Zingale, R. L. Daskalova, D. W. Schumacher, & L. D. Van Woerkom 
Abstract:  State of the art ultra-intense short-pulse laser systems routinely reach intensities above 1021Wcm-2 and can produce high energy (MeV) electrons and ions which have shown use in cancer treatment or as a driver of fast ignition.  Historically, the laser plasma interaction (LPI) is entirely determined by the target material, thickness, and the laser characteristics.  With the advent of ultra-high contrast laser systems like Scarlet we can achieve > 11 orders of contrast, ensuring any surface micro-structures survive pre-pulses and amplified spontaneous emission to interact with the peak of the main pulse.  This provides an extra dimension in target design and affords more effective control over the LPI and hot electron production.  We present a series of simulations and experimental results showing the enhanced interaction of using micro-channel plasma targets over contemporary flat targets.