Ginevra Cochran awarded Clifford Heer scholarship

May 19, 2017
Ginevra Cochran
The Physics Graduate Student Council hosted their annual poster competition in December of 2016. At the following Physics Department Spring Picnic, three winners were awarded with Clifford Heer scholarships. Ginevra Cochran was recognized for her exceptional scientific and presentation skills with one such scholarship on April 25, 2017. Details for her poster follow below: 
"Modeling plasma mirrors for laser pulse contrast enhancement"
G.E. Cochran,  P.L. Poole, A. Krygier, R.R. Freeman, D. W. Schumacher
Liquid crystal films are novel pulse cleaning plasma mirrors for high-intensity
lasers with rep-rate potential. We present  the first particle-in-cell (PIC)
simulations of dielectric plasma mirrors at a range of laser intensities. We find
that  the ionization model is a key parameter, and show 3D reflectances
constructed from 2D simulations which are an excellent match for experimental