Annual American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics 2011

Graduate Student Presentations at the  2011 meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Characterization of The Laser-Induced Fast Electron Scattering (pdf)
~Sheng Jiang

Experimental and LSP Modeling Study of Pre-pulse Effects on the Laser-Plasma Interaction by Using a 527 nm Laser Pulse (pdf)
~Elijah Kemp

LSP Simulations of High Intensity Short Pulse Lasers Incident on Reduced Mass Targets (pdf)
~Frank King

Modification of High Intensity Laser Plasma Interaction by Stimulated Raman Scattering (pdf)
~Andrew Krygier

Using K-alpha Images to Characterize Pre-plasma and Electron Fluxing in Intense Laser Experiments (pdf)
~Vladimir Ovchinnikov

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